1000 Very nice places & 1 bad place in Roma  October 2017.

I had a very fine week in Roma 11 - 17 October this year, Everything just perfect, even the whether perfect.
But that was about to be very questionable in the first impression of the city.
Just outside my hotel one block from Fontana De Trevi I thought I find the perfect bar to
have my lunch during the week. (click for larger pictures).

Well it turns out that the bill comes to 27,50 for the very bad food and a beer. The bill
16 for the most bad portion of spaghetti in Roma is a bluff, and above that 3 for sitting at the table, the beer 8 not in the menu at all, understandably since this is the most expensive beer i have had i Roma.
At first they refuse to accept credit card, I said alright call the police then, and after that suddenly the card machine was working.

No information about the 3 servizio in the menu in the street.

Well in the menu on the table there is information, but i consider it as a bluff when not in the big menu on the street.

Well this very first evening in Roma was about to realize that I might have to have the other meals in Mac Donald's , not that tempting thought.

This place  turned out to be the exception, puh, the other bars and restaurants in Roma was just fine.
Here pizza in a very nice place 18

Another very good restaurant, two places to sit one whiteout seating fee and the "better" part 2,50,
Total 22,50 and the spaghetti was really fine as the picture indicates.

But I actually find the big railway station a very good place to have my lunch, lots of people to look at , a large bookstore in the middle of the station, that is a good sign that here it it more than just have food...
10 was the total inclusive Americana coffee.
The coffee is a matter of subject since I like it black and from normally roasted beans, and new grinded. Suprisingkly i was able  enyoy the Americana , find it really good actually 1,2 - 3 . Well I hope to be back in Roma some day...